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HET Wireless Technology Company is a leading supplier of bespoke rapid deployment tools for remote site security and public space surveillance.

We live in a world where the need for security and technology is constantly increasing. There may not be much we can do about lowering crime rates but we can definitely ensure our peace of mind with a good surveillance system and even prevent unwanted events within our society.

HET identified that there is a need for a quality advanced mobile technology systems to enhance the current multi security operatives in Africa with a different and upmarket approach to meet the daunting challenges which leads to the formation of HAWK-EYE-TECH LIMITED.

Our Company provides Comprehensive Advanced Mobile Security technology systems to Organizations / Government which focuses on protecting people and reducing crime activities in the society and also enhances revenue generation.

The same approach applies and we constantly remain the envy of our competitors. Our team of highly skilled partners; experienced security advisors and technicians are on hand to advice and work in partnership with various Government agencies and business customers on the best possible security solutions.

HET’s core competency in the security technology sector is the monitoring of vehicles in moving traffic. With our Advanced Mobile Technology systems, we offer national agencies and private service providers systems for speed enforcement, red light enforcement and number plate recognition. Toll system operators use our Toll-Checker system to automate toll collection and toll enforcement. All HET advanced mobile enforcement systems are based on laser scanner measurement technology (LIDAR, Light Detection and Ranging). This innovation enables high-precision measurements over several lanes of traffic and eliminates the need to integrate equipment into the road surface.


AMTS is a tool that embraces the usage of Advanced Mobile technology to enhance security operations to the maximum potential in providing unblemished evidence that can be relied upon at any level of investigation or prosecution.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition is the use of cameras to detect, identify and record vehicles/images motion within an areaThe use of ANPR is no longer restricted to the Police – in fact, many car parks and other restricted zones are now using ANPR technology.


The success of ANPR in detecting vehicles of interest to police has led to a new kind of crime – car cloning. Any legal transgressions could then lead to the legitimate owner receiving notification of enforcement action instead of the criminal.

Bespoke System

Each of our systems is individually designed to suite the specific needs of our customers, this includes site analysis, how many cameras are needed and what quality of recording is required. We provide Advanced Mobile Technology Systems for all spheres of security operations.

Access Control

Access Control systems are designed to permit the free flow of authorised movement into any business or public gathering whilst declining entry to unwanted visitors and staff. Hawk Eye Tech offers a wider range of Access Control systems including swipe cards or pin codes, and proximity readers.

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